Five Positive Thinking Affirmations Every Young Adult Needs

Every young adult (and really every person, for that matter) wants to feel validated, appreciated, and accepted. With the way that society works and the things that people take offense at, sometimes it can be challenging to find that validation from others. It is commonly accepted that you become what you believe, and so those who hear only positive things about themselves will see themselves as good, whereas if they hear only negative things, they will start to believe they are bad. In order to make young adults feel happy and validated, there are certain things that they desperately need to hear every day or on a frequent basis. These things include:

1. You're Doing A Good Job

Everyone just wants to know that they are doing a good job and that the people who are close to them approve of them. If the young adult in your life is trying hard to find a job, get good grades, or do something else that is really important, let them know how proud you are of them on a regular basis. Let them hear you say, "you're doing a good job." When they make a mistake, don't criticize them or pick at every little detail, just praise the good things that they've done. When they feel discouraged at work or at school, say, "you're doing your best, and that's good enough for me." This affirmation will lift their spirits and will really go a long way.

2. You Are Beautiful/Handsome

Men and women alike struggle with self-image issues, and as a result, they often need to be told that they are beautiful or handsome. This isn't so that they can inflate their ego and think that they have the most amazing looks in the world, but rather, it is meant to be a confidence booster. If there is a young adult close to you who struggles with body issues, doesn't think they're beautiful or handsome, or who feels like no one would ever want to go out with them because of their looks, remind them that they are beautiful or handsome, and that you love them just the way they are.

3. You're A Wonderful Person

Often, people will try to cut others down and make them feel like nothing. Sometimes, people will get upset with others over silly things that were said or done in complete innocence but were taken the wrong way. When this happens, the person who said or did those things can end up feeling like a terrible person, even if they're the sweetest person in the world. For this reason, it is important that they are reminded every day that they're a wonderful person. That's one of the best things you can tell someone you're close to, so keep this in mind the next time one of the young adults in your life is having a bad day.

4. You Are Loved

You never know what someone's home life or personal life may be like. Sometimes, you won't be able to hear their story, but you can tell that they are carrying around deep wounds with them--some from the past, and some from the present. Even if they don't show outward signs of pain, they may still be going through something awful. When times get tough, ultimately, people just want to know that they are loved--that there is someone in their life who genuinely cares about them and would do anything for them. Be that person--tell those close to you that you love them, and really mean it when you say it. It will make all the difference to them.

5. You Are Good Enough

As society places more and more demands on people, it's hard to feel good enough. Even when someone performs at their very best, they are constantly pushed by outside forces to try harder, often breaking down under the stress. If you know someone who wants so desperately to be good enough but feels like they have to live up to everyone's expectations, be the positive change in their lives. Tell them, "you are good enough." It will definitely encourage them.

Positive thinking affirmations are great ways to show those close to you that you care about them. By saying one or more of these things every day to those around you, you will help spread hope and joy to those who need it most, and you may be able to make their day just a little bit brighter. Try it and see what happens--you'll be absolutely amazed at the good it does, the results it produces.