4 Simple Tips For Nurturing The Senses When Fighting Anxiety

Anxiety is a perfectly normal experience that everyone has now and again. It can be a feeling like any other that comes and goes when you are faced with something like a new job or making an important decision in your personal life. However, anxiety disorders are different. When anxiety is chronic and interferes with your day-to-day life, it's more than a temporary, passing feeling. Anxiety disorders are serious mental illnesses that can leave someone unable to go about their normal life. It's important to see a life coach and a therapist if you are facing this problem. For moments when you need to calm down in a hurry, try to delight and nurture your senses in the following ways.

Tip #1: Touch Something Soft and Comforting

When you are feeling anxious, have soft, comforting things around you that you can touch, pick up, or carry. That can include a soft pillow or a fabric that feels sensational to you. If you don't have anything like this, you may consider another form of touch that is comforting, such as going for a massage or simply asking your partner to hold your hand.

Tip #2: Calm Yourself with Delectable Scents

A variety of candles, warmers, oils, perfumes, and other scented delights are available in drug stores, markets, and general online shops. Choose some in your favorite scents and maybe opt for a couple of new smells to try. Keep some around your home so that you can put out the scent if you start to feel anxious.

Tip #3: Enjoy Beautiful Art

Another thing that can help anxiety is taking in beautiful art. It should be something that totally delights you on a visual level. Don't go for intellectually stimulating art when you are seeking something to simply calm your anxiety. You may opt for simple Victorian paintings of families or a painting of a fantasy situation. Keep depictions of what you find beautiful nearby.

Tip #4: Listen to Soothing and Rejuvenating Music

When you are feeling anxiety, listen to the kind of music that tends to put a smile on your face. Go to what your default happy music is. Also, keep in mind that listening to sad music can trigger positive emotions sometimes. You don't have to just listen to joyful music to feel better.

Finally, keep in mind that you should not suffer in silence with anxiety disorders. Help is available, and a life coach can address the specific triggers and problems that you are facing. Getting help for your anxiety can empower you to heal and develop coping skills that can leave you with peace of mind. Contact a professional like Dr. Mitchell Mays to learn more.